October 20, 2016

Transparent Dealings

Local Marketing Professionals should be completely transparent with you about their product and services. Asking questions will allow you to make better buying decisions. Here questions to ask you Local Marketing Professional:

Issues regarding Transparency

  • What does your Marketing Professional mean by "Realtime"?
  • What does Push/Pull information mean?
  • Is fulfillment done by a 3rd party?
  • Is your asset rented or owned?
  • If you rent or lease an asset, is it clearly defined in the contract?
  • If you are using tracking numbers can they be transferred to another provider in the future?
  • Are the guarantees outlined clearly using understandable metrics?
  • Are the guarantees reasonable? (see Common Myths in the Expectations section)
  • Are the fees clearly defined?
  • How much of the money is going to actually buying your ads?
  • Do they clearly define their fees?
    If not do they say that it's their policy NOT to define their fees?
  • What is their policy for transferring your assets if your choose to move to another provider?
    Be sure you understand which assets can be moved.
  • What do they mean by "Click"?
    Understand the definition of click and how it relates to the other metrics provided.