January 14, 2017

Marketing Professionals

The Local Marketing Transparency Initiative is an association of local marketing professionals with the mission of helping businesses make better marketing decisions. We have come together to Promote Transparency, Clarify Misconceptions, Standardize Industry Language and, encourage Best Practices. Our goal is to raise the level of trust with Local Business, Brands and, key partners within the industry.

Join us, its as simple as filing out the form below and reading and following the pledge. We will post your organization on the website and forward a badge for you to show you have pledged along with other professionals.

Read the pledge below and fill out the form to join.

Read the pledge here.


The Local Marketing Transparency Initiative (LMTI) has been established by a council of local marketing professionals in order to promote sound and productive best business practices in the world of online local marketing consulting and delivery. These recommended best practices are goals of professional conduct that have been developed to benefit local marketing consulting companies and their clients, with the added result of benefiting the consumer as well.

LMTI will act as a sounding board and reference for local marketing professionals to assist them in maintaining ethical, transparent practices.

Consultants and businesses that agree to follow Local Marketing Transparency Initiative procedures can be identified by the LMTI seal on their websites, social media presence, and other collateral.

LMTI Code of Ethics

The LMTI Code of Ethics promotes transparency and sound business practices in local search marketing to support the successful interaction of local marketing professionals and their client businesses, and therefor the customers served by these businesses. The LMTI Code of Ethics relates specifically to these areas:

Assets: A company’s digital property. This digital property is as real and valuable as merchandise in a location or other physical property. The LMTI pledge expresses an understanding of this concept and encourages actions that ensure protection of these assets.

Transparency: Straightforwardness and honesty in interactions and business dealings. The LMTI pledge identifies local marketing professionals who are clear and transparent about their product and services.

Expectations: What the client perceives they will receive from working with the local marketing professional. LMTI promotes client education so clients can make the best use of their marketing dollars. Managing expectations even includes the understanding of exit strategies. Being clear about exit strategies is also a component in working with a local marketing professional.

Local Marketing Transparency Initiative members pledge to follow the LMTI Code of Ethics in their business operations.
They pledge as follows:

To promote transparency and honesty within the industry.

To identify and clarify ambiguities and misconceptions in this complicated digital industry.

To standardize language, terms and acronyms, working towards bringing clarity and understanding to all constituents.

To identify, document and distribute the best practices that will enable more transparent and valuable transactions.

Furthermore, the LMTI local marketing professional recognizes the need for the following, and pledges:

to maintain excellence in line with LMTI standard
to continue to learn and acquire knowledge as the digital world continues to evolve
to exhibit honor and fairness with all constituencies: clients, consumers, and within their own company

Signatories to the LMTI pledge promote a true focus on accurate communications and employ tested processes to meet client goals, using appropriate tools to measure progress.

LMTI members are low on jargon and high on clarity; use straightforward presentation without smoke and mirrors; strive for accuracy, and communicate using standardized language and acronyms.

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